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Welcome to apricot's closet. I'm happy you've come here!

So, these days, it seems like I can't find any jewelry that I would like to wear. The charms are either too big & obnoxious, or the materials are cheap & gaudy. & if they're none of those, then the jewelry is terribly expensive. Out of sheer frustration of not being able to find decent jewelry, I decided to create my own; thus, apricot's closet was born.

With my jewelry, everything is simple, chic, & inexpensive, without over (or under) doing it. The necklaces are natural & down-to-earth, with characteristics of glamour & femininity.

I have created pieces that I would personally wear religiously with everything in my wardrobe; this includes fancy dresses & grungy shorts.

My only hope is that you love these necklaces as much as I have enjoyed making them.


Sometimes I will sell my own clothes here, sometimes I will sell jewelry from my personal jewelry box; mostly, I will sell handmade necklaces.

If you don't see anything you like this time around, check back to my store or my blog,, often. I have different styles of necklaces & other goodies coming, so please stay tuned!

& thank you for shopping in my closet!

Much love,

Ev'Yan (apricot.)